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Episode 05: Business Intelligence Trends and Challenges

I recently sat down with Dr. Boris Michel to discuss the topic of Business Intelligence. Boris is a part of INFORM’s Business Intelligence unit and has worked with some very large and exciting companies in their quests to more intelligently use the data they collect in the business arena. In the interview, we got into some questions that help discover what is hidden behind this shiny, fancy term of business intelligence. Boris talks about some of the latest trends and challenges associated with business intelligence, and we close out the interview with a peak into what the future may hold for this field. So without further ado, here is my interview with Dr. Boris Michel:

Show Notes

Introduction Boris Michel (3:02)

Buzzer Beater round – 5 rapid fire questions (4:35)

Pie Chart or Bar Graph? (7:14)

What is Business Intelligence (BI) all about? (8:10)

Finding relations in seemingly unrelated data (10:42)

How BI goes beyond data visualization (12:09)

Decision-making based on prepared data (14:20)

Challenge of data quality (16:00)

Other challenges for successful use of BI (18:31)

Does every company need a data scientist (19:37)

Current trends in the BI space (22:27)

Chatbots and BI (23:43)

BI and IoT (26:37)

Specific industry with most potential for BI? (27:41)

BI in 2020 – a peak into the future (28:30)

If you have any questions regarding this episode, be sure to write us an email at or connect with Dr. Boris Michel on LinkedIn!