Show Team

This Podcast is Brought to You By

David W. Weaver


I am looking forward to going beyond the buzz of the lastest trends in the tech industry with you!

I enjoy writing and have quite a bit of experience in the blogging space. I am the editor for the All Things Supply Chain Blog and have also contributed to several other sites including UPS Longitudes and Huffington Post.

Aside from enjoying writing and managing a blog I also work for a company called INFORM Software based in Germany. I moved to Germany from California back in 2009, got my master’s degree, and a job directly thereafter, and have been with INFORM ever since

Kai Keppner


Since reading science fiction novels as a kid (such as Jules Verne or later Philip K. Dick), I was always fascinated by technology and what the future might hold for us. I also enjoyed writing, so the logical consequence was a Magister degree in Technical Writing which I earned at Aachen University in 2008. Since then I have been working at INFORM Software, where I put my knowledge to good use as a marketing manager.

Creating a podcast on technology topics is a long-cherished wish of mine and I hope for many interesting discussions on what all the buzz is about in the tech space.

Jennifer Neustraß

Post production/Editing/Sound

In 2014, I completed my studies in communication design in the field of film at the FH Aachen and have been self-employed since the end of 2015.
Apart from print and nonprint graphic works and illustrations, my heart beats for film and music and their postproduction.
And that’s exactly what I’m doing here on the podcast. I make everything sound good 😉