Small Data

Episode 11: Small Data

We’re excited to bring you our first buzzITtalk brief, a shorter version of the podcast intended to tackle emerging buzzwords quickly giving you the 4-1-1 on the buzzword in question, in about 10 minutes or less. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate buzzword to deliver our first short episode then “small data”. Our guest, Nick Chubb from Intelligent Cargo Systems/Thetius takes us through what small data is, how it’s about humans and not just technology and gives us a practical example from the shipping industry.

Show Notes

Buzzword introduction (00:24)

John Steinbeck quote (00:48)

What is Small Data

Introduction to Nick Chubb (01:46)

Big data vs small data (02:39)

Digitization of manual processes (04:19)

The Human Element

Improving the human experience (04:57)

Small Data, Big Insights

Terminal performance insights (05:20)

Data shadows (05:58)

Small data, a solution to big data’s problems (06:22)

Wrap Up

Technology is a challenge (07:54)

Humans adaptation of technology is a challenge (09:04)

Closing thought from Steinbeck (09:36)

Closing credits (10:27)


Further Readings and Background Research

What is Small data? (Techopedia)

Small Data: The Next Big Thing (Forbes)

Small Data vs Big Data Infographic (EDUCBA)

7 Tips for Dealing With Small Data (Towards Data Science)

Small Data by Martin Lindstrom (Amazon)


Guest Speaker Details

Nick Chubb from Intelligent Cargo Systems/Thetius