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Episode 15: Hyperlocal Logistics

In our second buzzITtalk brief, we’re tackling an emerging buzzword in the logistics space, “Hyperlocal Logistics.” At face value, hyperlocal logistics isn’t a novel idea, but rather a rebadging of the maker movement – but digging deeper, one quickly realizes that the gig economy is driving a solution for local delivery that is effectively challenging the established 3PL and logistics operator’s status quo as delivery kings. We’re joined by Joe Oliaro, Managing Director, Global Corporate Services, eCommerce/3PL Advisory at Newmark Knight Frank as he lends his expertise in e-Commerce and logistics to help us quickly understand this new buzzword.

Show Notes


Introduction to Joe Oliaro (00:36)

Buzzword introduction – Hyperlocal Logistics (01:18)

Impacting factors

Hyperlocal e-commerce (02:27)

The role of the gig economy (03:33)

The startup angle

Are 3PLs positioned for hyperlocal logistics (06:10)

Size matters in this equation (07:12)

Wrap Up

BUZZWORD – buzzword or action item? (08:56)

Closing Credits (09:58)


Further Readings and Background Research

3 Things you Should Know about Hyperlocal Logistics (SupplyChain24/7)

Why is Hyperlocal Logistics Tricky (Shadowfax)

How hyperlocal logistics startups are the new attraction for investors (Economic Times)


Guest Speaker Details

Joe Oliaro from Newmark Knight Frank.

Episode 11: Small Data

We’re excited to bring you our first buzzITtalk brief, a shorter version of the podcast intended to tackle emerging buzzwords quickly giving you the 4-1-1 on the buzzword in question, in about 10 minutes or less. We couldn’t think of a more appropriate buzzword to deliver our first short episode then “small data”. Our guest, Nick Chubb from Intelligent Cargo Systems/Thetius takes us through what small data is, how it’s about humans and not just technology and gives us a practical example from the shipping industry.

Show Notes

Buzzword introduction (00:24)

John Steinbeck quote (00:48)

What is Small Data

Introduction to Nick Chubb (01:46)

Big data vs small data (02:39)

Digitization of manual processes (04:19)

The Human Element

Improving the human experience (04:57)

Small Data, Big Insights

Terminal performance insights (05:20)

Data shadows (05:58)

Small data, a solution to big data’s problems (06:22)

Wrap Up

Technology is a challenge (07:54)

Humans adaptation of technology is a challenge (09:04)

Closing thought from Steinbeck (09:36)

Closing credits (10:27)


Further Readings and Background Research

What is Small data? (Techopedia)

Small Data: The Next Big Thing (Forbes)

Small Data vs Big Data Infographic (EDUCBA)

7 Tips for Dealing With Small Data (Towards Data Science)

Small Data by Martin Lindstrom (Amazon)


Guest Speaker Details

Nick Chubb from Intelligent Cargo Systems/Thetius



Episode 05: Business Intelligence Trends and Challenges

I recently sat down with Dr. Boris Michel to discuss the topic of Business Intelligence. Boris is a part of INFORM’s Business Intelligence unit and has worked with some very large and exciting companies in their quests to more intelligently use the data they collect in the business arena. In the interview, we got into some questions that help discover what is hidden behind this shiny, fancy term of business intelligence. Boris talks about some of the latest trends and challenges associated with business intelligence, and we close out the interview with a peak into what the future may hold for this field. So without further ado, here is my interview with Dr. Boris Michel:

Show Notes

Introduction Boris Michel (3:02)

Buzzer Beater round – 5 rapid fire questions (4:35)

Pie Chart or Bar Graph? (7:14)

What is Business Intelligence (BI) all about? (8:10)

Finding relations in seemingly unrelated data (10:42)

How BI goes beyond data visualization (12:09)

Decision-making based on prepared data (14:20)

Challenge of data quality (16:00)

Other challenges for successful use of BI (18:31)

Does every company need a data scientist (19:37)

Current trends in the BI space (22:27)

Chatbots and BI (23:43)

BI and IoT (26:37)

Specific industry with most potential for BI? (27:41)

BI in 2020 – a peak into the future (28:30)

If you have any questions regarding this episode, be sure to write us an email at or connect with Dr. Boris Michel on LinkedIn!