Month: January 2020

Episode 16 – Millennials

“Millennials,” “Generation Y,” “Digital Natives,” “Generation Avocado Toast” – These are many terms that describe a group of people who were born between 1981 to 1996. Today, they are the largest generation on this planet, and, by 2025, they will make up 75% of the global workforce. While not a technology buzzword in itself, Millennials are coming to shape both business and technology as we know. We welcome Michelle Schurter from Millennial Strategist, Suni Lobo from Navis, Sarah Phillips from the entitled millennial, and Jörg Herbers from INFORM to guide us through this generational minefield as we unpack and understand the stereotypes and dig deep to understand this generation and their impact on technology and business.

Show Notes

Entitled Millennials and the myths

Describe Millennials (00:38)

Entitled Millennials (01:20)

Introduction to Suni Lobo (04:20)

Myth – Millennials “challenge the status quo” (04:28)

Myth – Millennials “are entitled” (05:15)

Myth – Millennials “are lazy” (06:30)

Mindset shifts are required (06:55)

understanding multi-generational thinking

Definition of a Millennial (08:32)

Life expectancy’s impact on workplaces (09:28)

Technology has a huge impact on relevance (09:58)

“Entitled” is about how we were raised (10:25)

Emergence of “work-life balance” and “work-life integration” (11:35)

Your generational frame impacts how you view behavior (13:05)

Introduction to Michelle Schurter (13:48)

When-then statements matter (14:50)

Millennials and shift work

Introduction to Jörg Herbers (16:35)

Blue-collar workers and shift work (17:25)

Digital media has shaped Millennials approach to work (17:51)

Are Millennials working in shift work jobs? (18:46)

Building flexibility into shift work (20:18)

Rigid shift schedules are only one answer (21:08)

Solving the shift work “Tetris challenge” (21:32)

Millennial’s expectations and wants

They want to feel “on” (23:14)

Paying your dues is “so last decade” (23:50)

“Leveling up” is important (24:20)

Mentoring works both ways (24:50)

Wrap Up

Millennials – lazy, arrogant, and entitled or worth investing in? (26:49)

Millennials – what’s the return on investment? (27:04)

Closing Credits (27:38)


Further Readings and Background Research

Definition of Millennial (Urban Dictionary)

Defining generations (Pew Research Center)

Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z Explained (KASASA)

Ok Boomer, Ok Millennial, we need to talk (CNN)

Dos and Don’ts for Millennials and Zs Managing Boomers (Forbes)


Guest Speaker Details

Sarah Phillips from the entitled millennial

Suni Lobo from Navis

Michelle Schurter from Millennial Strategist

Jörg Herbers from INFORM